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    Viewing and Exporting the Alma Libraries

    To define the libraries for the Primo institution, you should obtain the libraries that are defined for the Alma institution. To save time, Alma allows you to export the libraries to a file so that they can be imported in Primo.
    To export the Alma libraries:
    1. Log on to the Alma UI.
    2. On the General Configuration page (Administration > General Configuration > Configuration Menu), click Manage Your Institution's Libraries under Libraries. The Organization Unit Details page opens
    3. Click the Libraries tab to view the available libraries.
      Library List.png
      Libraries Tab
      The information you will need is in the following columns:
      • Organization Unit Name – The Alma library name.
      • Path – The component at the end is the Alma library code.
      For example, INC is the Alma library code for the following path:
    4. Select Tools > Excel to export the list of Alma libraries to an Excel file.
    5. Change the exported file to the format described in the Loading Libraries section.
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