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    Support and Maintenance


    Sandbox Management

    To perform sandbox management, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator
    Any user can add or view the sandboxes widget.
    You can view the status and history of your sandboxes on the Production environment's Sandbox Management page (Administration > General Configuration > Configuration Menu > Support and Maintenance > Sandbox Management). If your institution is the contract lead for other institutions' sandboxes, their information also appears on this page.
    For more information about sandboxes, see Alma Sandbox Environments.
    Sandbox Management Page
    The page includes the following information; all of the information is read-only.
    • General information about all the sandboxes you manage:
      • No of entitled premium sandboxes
      • No of entitled standard sandboxes
      • Next Available Refresh Date - The earliest date on or after which a refresh is permitted on any of the sandboxes. Typically, a refresh is available every three months.
    • For each sandbox:
      • Active - Whether the sandbox is active (yellow check mark) or inactive (gray check mark). An active institution can request refreshes of the sandbox environment.
      • Institution Code
      • Sandbox Environment - The Alma server sandbox environment
      • Type - Premium or Standard
      • Production Snapshot Date - The date and time that the data was exported from the production environment (premium sandboxes only)
      • Sandbox Refresh Date - The date and the time that the data was imported to the sandbox environment
      • Status - Status of the sandbox environment:
        • Not provisioned - The sandbox was not yet provisioned with data
        • Refresh running - The data is being exported from the production environment and/or imported into the sandbox environment
        • Refresh waiting for approval - The data is ready on the sandbox, but the sandbox environment is not yet ready for use
        • Ready - The sandbox is ready and available to use
        • Temporarily unavailable - The sandbox is unavailable for some reason (maintenance is being performed, network issue, and so forth)
      • Status Date - The date of the last time the status was changed
      • Next Available Refresh Date - The date on or after which a refresh is permitted on this sandbox (active sandboxes only)
      • Note - Any notes added by support about this sandbox
      • Updated By - The user who last modified any information about the sandbox
      • Updated Date - The date that any information about the sandbox was modified
      • Show History - Click to display the Sandbox Management History page with historical information about the sandbox's refreshes.
        Sandbox Management History Page

    The Sandboxes Widget

    Any user can add or view the sandbox widget on the Alma home page (see Managing Widgets).
    The Sandboxes Widget
    The widget includes status checkmarks and links to all relevant sandboxes, as well as a More Info link that opens the Sandbox Management page (see above).
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