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    Configuring Institution Languages

    To configure institution languages, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator
    This option enables you to configure which languages are to be supported by the institution.
    Institution languages are predefined by Ex Libris; each language is either enabled or disabled. Languages can be supported in the following contexts:
    • Patron facing interfaces – Includes notifications (email and SMS), self-check machine messages, and Get It, View It, and My Account tabs in Primo
    • Staff facing interfaces – Includes the patron-facing interfaces and all other Alma back-office elements
    To configure supported institution languages:
    1. Open the Institution Languages mapping table (Administration > General Configuration > Configuration Menu > General Configuration > Institution Languages).
      InstitutionLanguages Mapping Table Page
      The Supported for Patron Facing column indicates whether the language is supported in patron-facing interfaces, such as notifications (email and SMS), self-check machine messages, and Get It, View It, and My Account tabs in Primo.
      The Supported for Staff UI column indicates whether the language can be selected as the staff-facing interface (when you click the name of the user in the top right-hand corner of Alma and select the language from the Language drop-down list).
      The values in these columns are read-only and cannot be edited.
    2. Click Customize to the right of the institution language that you want to enable or disable.
    3. To disable an enabled institution language, click the yellow check mark check_mark_active_6.gif to the left of the user language.
      To enable a disabled institution language, click the gray check mark check_mark_inactive_5.gif to the left of the user language.
      If a language that is enabled is selected by a patron as their Preferred Language, all emails received by the patron display in this language (see the Preferred Language field in the Quick User Management Page Fields table in Adding Users).
    4. Click Save to store the institution language settings in the system.
      You can, at any time, click Restore to restore the initial Enabled parameter value.
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