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    Configuring Delete User Policy Settings

    To configure delete user policy settings, you must have one of the following roles:
    • User Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    This option enables you to configure the system behavior when purging/deleting a user from Alma, which provides greater flexibility in maintaining reportable data. You can choose to retain all of a users' data in the system, retain only statistical data, or remove all data from the system.
    The selected setting takes effect on users deleted through the Purge Users job or API. When raising the Delete User Policy setting (that is, changing the setting to remove more data), the setting is also invoked on users previously deleted in the system.
    Users that are manually deleted in Alma are fully removed from the system.
    To configure Delete User Policy settings:
    1. Open the Delete User Policy page (Administration > User Management Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > Delete User Policy).
      Delete User Policy Page
    2. Select a delete user policy setting:
      • Keep Fully Reportable – The user's status is Deleted; all requests are canceled, and the identifying string is deactivated. The rest of the user's data is retained in the system.
        This is the default setting when creating users in institutions previously configured with Alma.
      • Keep Statistics – The user's statistical data is retained – that is, all non-identifying statistical data, (such as the user group and job category) are retained, as well as data on the Statistics tab. All other data is deleted.
        This is the default setting when creating users in institutions newly configured with Alma.
      • Fully Remove – Removes all user data upon deletion, including statistical data.
    3. Click Save and Execute. The selected delete user policy is invoked for all users purged in the system via the Purge user records job.
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