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    Configuring User ID Generation

    To configure user ID generation, you must have one of the following roles:
    • User Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    This option provides an automated option for creating sequence based user IDs. When adding a new user, if you select an identifier type, Alma automatically populates the Value parameter with the appropriate preset sequencing value. For more information on adding a new user, see Adding Users.
    For the primary identifier, the Value parameter is automatically populated only when registering a new user from Manage Patron Services.
    You configure user ID generation on the User ID Generation page (Administration > User Management Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > User ID Generation).
    User ID Generation
    To configure user ID generation:
    1. Select an identifier type from the drop-down list.
      The options that appear in this list are configured by Ex Libris (generally during implementation).
    2. If your user ID requires a prefix, enter it in the Prefix field.
    3. Click Set next sequence value.
    4. Enter the starting sequence value in the dialog box and click Save.
    5. Verify your settings and click Save.
    To turn off the automatic user ID generation that you defined, select the identifier type, leave the Prefix field blank, and click Save.
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