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    Configuring User Information for Pop-ups

    To configure user contact information for pop-ups, you must have one of the following roles:
    • User Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    To enhance user privacy, you can configure which elements of user information appear in the user contact information icon pop-up window (see User Information Icon). Pop-ups that appear from a borrowing or lending request are static and are not customizable. The configuration process distinguishes between Staff and Public users.
    The Preferred Identifier and User Group fields are disabled by default. These fields also do not appear on the pop-ups from borrowing or lending requests.
    To configure the user contact information pop-up window:
    1. On the Contact Information Pop-Up mapping table (Administration > User Management Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > Contact Information Pop-Up), enable or disable fields for the different user types.
      User Information PopUp.PNG
      Contact Information Table
      1. Click Customize next to the User Type field.
      2. Click the check mark next to a field. A yellow check mark is enabled and will show on the user information pop-up.
    2. Click Save.
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