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    Configuring Other Settings

    To configure other settings, you must have one of the following roles:
    • User Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    This option enables you to customize other settings that are not specific to any other user management action.
    You configure other settings on the CustomerParameters Mapping Table page (Administration > User Management Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > Other Settings).
    User Management Other Settings.png
    Customer Parameters Mapping Table Page (Other Settings)
    The following table describes the Other Settings options:
    Other Settings Options
    Parameter Key Description
    address_lineX_regex (lines 1-5) The valid format of lines 1-5 in the user's street address. See Adding User Contact Information.
    check_for_expired_account Set to true to prevent patron requests or resource sharing requests from expired patrons. An override warning is displayed for resource sharing requests. The parameter is set to false by default, which will allow patron requests and resource sharing request from expired patrons.
    days_password_change The number of days (up to 9999) that a new password is valid, from the time the user is created or their password is updated. If empty, the password is valid indefinitely. The default is 90. Note that this affects only Alma passwords and not Primo passwords.
    email_regex The valid e-mail format. See Adding User Contact Information.
    email_regex_display The message appearing when entering an email address, if email_regex is defined.
    email_updating_new_user Indicates whether to send the user an e-mail upon update/delete.
    from_address Deprecated
    fulfillment_network_search_by_all Whether to enable walk-in services in a fulfillment network for patrons that don't happen to have an ID available. The parameter must be enabled at the institution where the patron is already registered.
    jwt_signature_secret Used for the social authentication handshake between Primo and Alma (see Using Social Networks for User Authentication for details). Note that the value configured in Primo must match the value defined here.
    password_regex The valid password format. Note that a password must be at least 8 characters long, must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one numeric digit. See Adding Users.
    password_regex_display The message displayed when entering a password, if password_regex is defined.
    phone_regex The valid phone number format. See Adding User Contact Information.
    phone_regex_display The message displayed when entering a phone number, if phone_regex is defined.
    photo_identifier_type The type of user identifier from which to take the name of the photo (together with photo_server_url).
    The location of the user photo to display in the User Details section.
    User Photo
    • The address should be HTTP and not HTTPS, which currently is not supported.
    • The client machines being used by the institution's staff to access Alma User Details need to also have access to the server on which the photos reside.
    photo_suffix The file extension (such as .jpg or .gif) for user photos. This value is appended to photo URLs – if this value is not defined, the photo may not appear properly.
    pin_number_method To enable the PIN number generation functionality, enter the value fourDigit (the only possible value) here. For more information on PIN number generation, see the explanation for the PIN number field in the Quick User Management Page Fields table in Adding Users.
    postal_code_regex The valid format for the postal code. See Adding User Contact Information.
    By default, the postal code must be between 0 to 16 characters and must include only digits, capital letters, hyphens, and spaces. If you want to include periods as well, add \. following the hyphen, as follows: [A-Z0-9\-\. ]{0,16}
    postal_code_regex_display The message displayed when entering a postal code, if postal_code_regex is defined.
    preferred_identifier The preferred user identifier to be used when displaying only one identifier (for example, the ID in Manage Patron Services) and when scanning items that are on the hold shelf according to user.
    primary_identifier_regex The valid format of the primary identifier.
    url_regex The valid format of the URL. It must have a leading protocol, a valid domain name (two or three letter TLD and no invalid characters), and a valid file path.
    use_pincode_for_selfcheck_machine Determines whether the PIN code for self-check machines can be updated by the patron in Primo. This setting is relevant only if Authentication required is set to Yes in the self-check machine integration profile (see Self-Check Machines).
    To edit other settings:
    1. On the Customer Parameters Mapping Table page (Administration > User Management Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > Other Settings), change the Table Description as required.
    2. In the Mapping Table Rows section, locate the setting that you want to edit, and click Customize.
    3. Modify the parameter value as required.
      You can click Restore at any time to restore the initial parameter value.
    4. Click Save to store the modified other settings in the system.
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