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    User Management Activities

    To configure user management activities, you must have one of the following roles:
    • User Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    The User Management area is an administrative area of the system where user information is managed by an authorized operator. Most user-related operations for public patron users are performed in the context of other system areas such as Fulfillment's Circulation Desk area and the batch loading of patron record information.
    User management includes the management of public, staff, and contact users. The management and structure of these users is the same, but the roles assigned to them may be different. Contact users are users for which only contact information and notes are managed. These users do not contain access or role information.
    This section describes how to configure the various user management functions. See Alma Glossary for definitions of these functions. You configure the various user management activities from the Configuration page (User Management > User Management Configuration > Configuration Menu).
    The following table lists the configuration options.
    Configuration Options
    Section Configuration Item Configuration Level See
    Roles and Registration Profiles Institution/Library Configuring Role Profiles
    Role Assignment Rules Institution/Library Configuring Role Assignment Rules
    User Registration Rules Institution/Library Configuring User Registration Rules
    Roles Report Institution Roles Report
    Privileges Report Institution Privileges Report
    Mandatory Fields Public Institution Configuring User Mandatory Fields – Public
    Staff Institution Configuring User Mandatory Fields – Staff
    External Contacts Institution Configuring User Mandatory Fields – External Contacts
    User Details User Groups Institution Configuring User Groups
    User Record Type/User Group Institution Configuring User Record Type/User Group Sets
    Job Categories Institution Configuring Job Categories
    User Record Type/Job Category Institution Configuring User Record Types/Job Category Sets
    User Name Display Institution Configuring User Name Display
    Statistical Categories Institution Configuring Statistical Categories
    Category Types Institution Creating Statistical Category Types
    Statistical Categories/Types Institution Mapping Statistical Categories to Category Types
    User Titles Institution Configuring User Titles
    Library Notices Opt-In Institution Configuring Library Notices Opt-In
    Patron Charges Fines/Fees Behavior Institution Configuring Fines/Fees Behavior
    Reasons for Waiving Fine/Fee Institution/Library Configuring Reasons for Waiving Fines/Fees
    Fines/Fees Notification Profiles Institution/Library Configuring Fines/Fees Notification Profiles
    General Other Settings Institution Configuring Other Settings
    User ID Generation Institution/Library Configuring User ID Generation
    Delete User Policy Institution/Library Configuring Delete User Policy Settings
    User Notification Types Institution Configuring User Notification Types
    Contact Information Pop-Up Institution Configuring User Information for Pop-ups
    Collaborative Networks (Fulfillment Networks) Linked Account Rules Institution/Library Configuring Linked Account Rules
    Restricted Users Institution/Library Configuring Restricted User Groups
    Linked Account Shared Fields Institution Configuring Linked Account Shared Fields
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