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    Waiving Fines in Bulk

    To waive fines in bulk, you must have one of the following roles:
    • User Manager
    • User Administrator
    The Bulk Fine Waiving page enables you to waive user fines in bulk based on user group, type of fine, and maximum fine. To waive fines of specific users, see Waiving and Disputing User Fines or Fees.
    Bulk Fine Waiving Page
    To remove fines in bulk:
    1. On the Bulk Fine Waiving page (Administration > User Management > Bulk Fine Waiving), specify the following fields.
      • Maximum fine threshold to waive – The maximum allowable fine to waive.

        If the total amount of a user’s fines is greater than the threshold, none of the user’s fines is waived.

        For example:
        • A patron’s Maximum fine threshold to waive = $120
        • The patron has fines of $10, $50, and $70
        Since the total of the patron’s fines exceeds the Maximum fine threshold to waive value, none of the fines is waived.
      • Exclude user with overdue loans – Whether to exclude users who have overdue loans.
      • User Group – The user groups in which to waive jobs.
      • Waive fine types – The types of fines that you will allow to be waived.
      • Waiving reason – The reason for waiving the fine. For example, you may want to waive fines accrued by your faculty.
    2. Click Run bulk fine waiving and click Confirm in the confirmation dialog box.

      A bulk job is added to the list at the bottom of the page. Click Refresh to monitor the progress of the job.
    3. Click View next to the bulk job to display a detailed report.

      The Job Report page appears.
      Job Report Page
      From the Job Events section, you can perform the following actions:
      • View details on each successful event - Click the Fine waived successfully link to display the successful events on the Events Report page.
        Events Report Page (Successful Events)
      • View details on failed event - Click the Failed to waive link to display the failed events on the Events Report page.
        Events Report Page (Failed Events)
      • Export the report to an Excel file - Click the Export to Excel button to export the job event details.
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