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    Converting Users from External to Internal

    You can convert a set of external patrons to be internal users (for information on external vs. internal users, see Managing Users). This is useful, for example, when a group of patrons is graduating from your university and will no longer be managed by the university system but you want to allow them to continue using the library. These patrons can continue to use Alma and retain their usage history, including any requests, checked-out books, fines, and so forth.
    After making bulk changes on the set of patrons, unless you select otherwise, Alma sets all of their passwords to firstname_lastname. If the passwords are changed, and you select to notify the users, Alma notifies the users of the change in their credentials.
    To convert users from external to internal:
    Run the Update/Notify Users job. For more information, see Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets.
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