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    Configuring Legal Deposit Report Paths

    You can configure the paths to the Legal Deposit serial Analytics reports that you send to vendors. For information on these reports, see Working With Legal Deposits. These paths appear in a dropdown list when configuring the job that sends these reports to the relevant vendors; see Legal Deposit Annual Receipt Task in Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets.
    You configure these paths using the Legal Deposit Reports code table (Acquisitions > Acquisitions Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > Legal Deposit Reports). For more information about code tables, see Code Tables.
    Legal Deposit Reports Code Table
    To add a new report path:
    1. In the Quick Add section, enter the following information:
      • Code - The Analytics path to the report + the report name. For example: /shared/Alma University/reports/acquisitions/Report of arrived items (where /shared/Alma University/reports/acquisitions/ is the path and Report of arrived items is the report name).
      • Description - The name of the report, as it appears in the dropdown box when configuring the Legal Deposit job.
      • Default Value - Whether this is the default selected report in the dropdown box.
    2. Click Add Row to add the report path.
    3. Click Save when you are done editing the page.
    4. Also, add the report as an Analytics object of type Report; see Scheduling.
    You can reorder the paths in the list, or enable/disable rows.
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