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    Configuring Receiving Departmental Validations

    To configure receiving departmental validations, you must have the following role:
    • Acquisitions Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    You can activate validation checks for barcodes and brief bibliographic records of physical items. These checks are processed when a user exits the Received Items List. When activated, a dialog box validation warning message is displayed in Alma if a barcode is missing or a record is brief. See Receiving Physical Material. (For more information regarding brief records, see Working with Brief Record Levels.)
    You activate receiving department validation checks on the Receiving Department Validations mapping table page (Acquisitions > Acquisitions Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > Receiving Department Validations). For more information on mapping tables, see Mapping Tables.
    ReceivingDepartmentValidations Mapping Table page
    To configure Alma for receiving department validation checks:
    1. On the Receiving Department Validations mapping table page, select Yes in the Active column for the relevant ID (Barcode/Brief).
      To deactivate an ID from receiving department validation checks, select No from the Active column for the relevant ID.
    2. Click Customize. Validation checks are configured for the specified ID (Barcode/Brief).
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