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    Configuring Other Settings (Acquisitions)

    To configure other settings, you must have the following role:
    • Acquisitions Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    You can customize additional settings on the Customer Parameters Mapping Table page (Acquisitions > Acquisitions Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > Other Settings).
    Customer Parameters Mapping Table Page
    The following table describes the parameters available on the Customer Parameters Mapping Table page.
    Other Settings
    Parameter Description
    The last date that the Distribute Network Acquisition Changes to Members job ran. The job copies all vendors that have been added to the Network Zone since this date. For more information, see Sharing Vendor Information in a Network Zone.
    The format is YYYYMMDD (or YYYYMMDD_hhmmss).
    acq_distribution_job Whether the Distribute Network Acquisition Changes to Members job is active (true) or not (false). For more information, see Sharing Vendor Information in a Network Zone.
    acq_use_vendor_account_email Whether to send vendor-related to emails to the email defined for the vendor account (true) or for the vendor (false). The default is false.
    acquisition_accrual_mode Whether the institution can work with accrual accounting (true) or not (false). See Working with Accrual Accounting.
    assertion_over_po_line_price Sends the PO line for review if the specified price is reached and the AssertionCode in the Purchasing Review Rules is set to Price limit reached. Leave empty or enter a value 0 or higher, with up to two decimal points. The default is 10000.
    auto_claim Whether a claims notification is sent automatically by email to the vendor when a one-time PO line is sent to the claims task list (Y to send the notification, N or empty otherwise).
    auto_claim_co Whether a claims notification is sent automatically by email to the vendor when a continuous PO line is sent to the claims task list (Y to send the notification, N or empty otherwise).
    expended_from_fund_default The default value of whether VAT is expended from the invoice line’s fund (true or false).
    exportPrepaidInv Whether the Export to ERP check box is displayed when you select Prepaid on the Invoice Details page (true or false).
    handle_invoice_payment Whether invoices are sent to the Waiting for Payment Invoices page to await automatic or manual handling (true), or closed automatically when they are exported to the ERP system (false). For details, see Working with Invoices Waiting for Payment.
    invoice_allow_vat_in_line_level Whether VAT can be configured for an invoice on the invoice line level (true) or not (false).
    invoice_high_total_price Alma sends the invoice for review/approval if this price is reached and the AssertionCode in the Invoice Review/Approval Rules is set to High total price. The value is assumed to be in the system's default currency. In the rare case that this value is less than 1, enter a leading 0. For example, 0.44, not .44.
    invoice_not_unique Whether you can save non-unique invoice numbers that have the same vendor in the inventory database (true) or not (false). When true, this enables you to uniquely identify records with the same invoice number and the same vendor. See Creating Invoices.
    invoice_prefix Not in use.
    invoice_skip_erp Whether the invoice workflow skips the step where the invoice is Waiting for Payment (true) or not (false).

    For details on how this setting affects the invoicing workflow, see step 2 in Invoicing Workflow.
    • Additional charges indicated in an EDI invoice line are listed on their own invoice line (true). When false, a single line is created for each EDI invoice line, and the indicated additional charges are added to the invoice line's comments. For more information, see EDI Invoices in the Developer's Network.
      Any additional charges that are not found and enabled in the Invoice Line Types code table appear as Overhead type invoice lines.
    • The Invoice Line Types code table appears as a configuration option on the Acquisitions Configuration page (true). When false, the option does not appear.
    invoice_subscription_overlap Whether the Check subscription date overlap check box is displayed on the Invoice Line Details page (true or false). If this parameter set to true and the check box is selected, Alma checks all invoice lines associated with the PO line to determine whether there is an overlap of invoice dates for continuous subscriptions and if there is, issues an alert to this effect.
    invoice_use_pro_rata Whether the Use pro rata setting is selected by default when creating new invoices (true or false).
    no_e-task_on_close_po_line Whether a task is created when an electronic PO line is closed (the task reminds the user to deactivate the resource). true indicates that the task is NOT created; false indicates that the task is created. The default is false.
    po_line_prefix The prefix to be used for all PO lines. The default is POL- .
    po_line_send_notification_to_vendor_on_renewal Whether an email should be sent to vendors when a subscription is renewed. Note that the vendor’s preferred email address is used (true or false).
    po_packed_by_fund Whether PO lines are automatically packaged into POs according to funds (true or false). If set to true, institutions working with functional funds are able to locate all the POs associated with a specific fund and manage PO approval more efficiently. For more information, see Packaging PO Lines into a PO.
    po_prefix The prefix to use for all POs. The default is PO- .
    release_remaining_encumbrance_for_edit Whether encumbrances are released for continuous order PO lines in invoices that are created using EDI (true or false).
    trial_notification_before_start_date Not in use. See the job Trials – Start and Notify Participants in Viewing Scheduled Jobs.
    vat_percent_default The default percentage of VAT in the institution. The default is initially 0.
    view_holding_in_receiving Whether holdings information is displayed when viewing receiving items (true or false).
    To edit other Acquisitions settings:
    1. On the Customer Parameters Mapping Table page, change the Table Description as required.
    2. In the Mapping Table Rows section, locate the setting that you want to edit, and click Customize.
    3. Modify the parameter value as required.
      Click Restore to restore the initial parameter value.
    4. Click Save to store the modified settings in the system.
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