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    Configuring License Sections Order

    To configure the order of sections, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Acquisitions Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    You can define the order in which sections appear in the License Terms tab of the License Term Details page (see Adding a License). The names of the sections are predefined by Alma, so you cannot create new section names, but you can change the order in which they are displayed.
    In addition, you can enable or disable sections.
    You configure section order on the License Sections Order Mapping Table page (Acquisitions > Acquisitions Configuration > Configuration Menu > Licenses > Sections Order).
    Mapping Table Page – Sections Order
    The following actions can be performed on this page:
    • Add a section (see Adding a Section)
    • Delete a section (click Delete)
    • Disabling the check mark in the Enabled column for a license section name does not function as expected (the name still appears in the License Terms tab). The Delete function must be used for this purpose.
    • You cannot edit the name of a section or the section order number. If you want to change the order of the sections, you must first delete the section (click Delete) and then add the section in the correct order.

    Adding a Section

    The section names are predefined by Alma. You cannot create new sections. To change the order in which the sections are displayed in the License Terms tab of the License Term Details page, you must first delete a section and then add the section in the correct order, as described below.
    To add a new section:
    1. On the Mapping Table page, under Create New Mapping Row, select the section from the License section name drop-down list.
      Create New Section of the Mapping Table Page – Sections Order
    2. Enter the License section order number.
    3. Click Add Row. The new section appears at the bottom of the list of defined sections.
    4. Click Save to store the new section.
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