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    Configuring PO Line Search Field Options

    To configure acquisition activities, you must have the following role:
    • Acquisitions Administrator
    On the PO Line List Searchable Columns code table (Acquisitions > Acquisitions Configuration > Configuration Menu > Purchase Orders > Searchable Columns), you can view the fields that appear as options in the in: drop-down list on the Search for PO Line page (see Searching for PO Lines). These are the fields that you can search when searching for PO lines.
    You can configure the order that these options appear in the drop-down list and you can select the default option.
    PO Line List Searchable Columns Code Table
    The fields listed in this page are as follows. For more information on most of these fields, see Manually Creating a PO Line.
    • Title
    • Title - Starts with - Matches only the first part of the title
    • Author name
    • Publisher
    • Publication year
    • Publication place
    • Standard number - Matches the Identifier field in the Summary page of the PO line
    • Physical location name - Matches a location in the library
    • Vendor code
    • Vendor name
    • Vendor account code
    • Fund code
    • Fund name
    • PO line - Matches the PO line reference number
    • Additional PO line reference - Matches the Additional PO line reference field in the Summary page of the PO line
    • PO reference number - Matches the PO's reference number
    • Vendor invoice number - Matches the number that appears when the PO line was imported from an EOD
    • Sip ID - Matches the number used for the transitory set of PO lines that were affected by a job.
    • Import job ID - Matches the ID of a job that affected a set of PO lines
    • Reporting code
    • MMS ID
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