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    Configuring PO Line Deferral Reasons

    To configure PO line deferral reasons, you must have the following role:
    • Acquisitions Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    You can define a list of deferral reasons from which the Purchasing Operator can select when deferring a PO line. See Deferring PO Lines.
    You configure deferral reasons on the PO Line Deferring Reasons Code Table page (Acquisitions > Acquisitions Configuration > Configuration Menu > Purchase Orders > POLine Deferring Reasons).
    Code Table Page – Deferral Reasons
    The following actions can be performed on this page:
    • Add a deferral reason (see Adding a Deferral Reason)
    • Edit deferral reason details (see Editing Deferral Reason Details)
    • Delete a deferral reason (click Delete)
    • Disable a deferral reason (click the yellow check mark check_mark_active.gif to the left of the deferral reason. To enable a disabled deferral reason, click the relevant gray check mark check_mark_inactive.gif).

    Adding a Deferral Reason

    When you define deferral reasons for your institution, they apply to all libraries within your institution.
    To add a new deferral reason:
    1. On the Code Table page, under Create a New Code Table Row, enter a code for the new deferral reason.
      Create New Deferral Reason Row Section of the Code Table Page
    2. Enter a code and description for the new deferral reason.
    3. From the Default value drop-down list, select Yes to assign the default deferral reason whenever a Deferral reason drop-down list is displayed.
    4. Click Add Row. The new deferral reason is displayed at the bottom of the list of defined deferral reasons.
      By default, each new deferral reason is enabled.
    5. Click Save to store the new deferral reason details in the system.

    Editing Deferral Reason Details

    You can edit the details of any deferral reason.
    To edit the details of a deferral reason:
    1. On the Code Table page, in the POLine Deferring Reasons section, locate the deferral reason that you want to edit.
      Code Table Page – List of Deferral Reasons
    2. Use the Display or Order up and down arrows to modify the order of the deferral reasons. The deferral reasons appear in the defined order in all Deferring reason drop-down lists.
    3. Modify the deferral reason code and description as required.
    4. Select Default Value to assign the default deferral reason whenever a Deferral reason drop-down list is displayed.
    5. Click Save to store the modified deferral reason in the system.
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