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    Approving Invoices

    To approve invoices, you must have the following role:
    • Invoice Manager
    You can approve only invoices associated with the scope assigned to your role.
    If the approval rules preconfigured by an administrator determine that manual approval for invoices is required under certain circumstances, the invoice is sent for manual approval when the specified criteria are met. This approval set is skipped if an invoice approval rule indicates to do so; see Configuring Invoice Approval Rules.
    Manual Approval Within the Invoicing Workflow
    Invoices are approved on the Waiting for Approval Invoices page (Acquisitions > Receiving and Invoicing > Approve). You can also view this page starting on a specific tab by selecting one of the following tasks in the Tasks List in the persistent menu (see Persistent UI-Elements):
    • Invoices - approval - assigned to you
    • Invoices - approval - without assignment
    Waiting for Approval Invoices.png
    Waiting for Approval Invoices Page
    To manually approve invoices:
    1. On the Waiting for Approval Invoices page, locate the invoices that you want to approve.
    2. Select Actions > Edit for the invoice you want to approve. The Invoice Details page appears.
      Invoice Header Information.png
      Invoice Header Information Page
    3. Modify the information in each tab as required. For information on the fields in each of these tabs, see Creating an Invoice From a PO or Manually.
    4. Click one of the following:
      • Approve – The invoice is waiting to be paid and proceeds to the payment stage of the workflow. For details, see Invoicing Workflow.
      • Need Additional Review – If the invoice needs additional review, it is returned to the review stage of the workflow. When you click this, a dialog box appears, allowing you to select a reason for the action. To configure the reasons, see Configuring Invoice Disapproval Reasons. See Sending Invoices Back to Review.
    You can also perform invoice management tasks on the Waiting for Approval Invoices page (Acquisitions > Receiving and Invoicing > Approve), as described in the referenced procedures:
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