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    Deleting POs

    To delete POs, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Purchase Operator Extended
    • Purchasing Manager
    You can delete a PO when it does not contain PO lines that are received, activated, or linked to an invoice. When deleting a PO, all of its associated PO lines are also deleted. To delete PO lines, see Deleting PO Lines.
    Deleting a PO creates a report when the job is completed, as is the case for all other jobs (see Viewing Completed Jobs).
    To delete a PO:
    1. On the Delete PO page (Acquisitions > Purchase Order > Delete PO), enter a PO number in the Select PO field, or click Browse to select a PO.
    2. Click Delete PO and click Confirm in the confirmation dialog box to delete the PO. A confirmation message appears on the Delete PO page, indicating the status of the PO.
      Delete PO Page
    You can also delete a PO on the Purchase Orders in Review page (see Reviewing POs) and the Approve Orders page (see Approving and Sending POs) by selecting Actions > Delete PO.
    Click Monitor Jobs to view the progress of the delete request (see Viewing Running Jobs).
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