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    Closing, Reopening, and Relinking PO Lines

    The following sections describe actions that you can perform on PO lines, depending on your role, the status of the PO line, the type of PO line, and other factors.

    Closing, Canceling, and Deleting PO Lines

    The table below compares the actions of closing, canceling, and deleting PO lines.
    End-of-cycle PO Lines
    Action Reason Available for Result
    Closing PO Lines To complete the PO
    • One-time PO lines waiting for invoice payment
    • Continuous PO lines waiting for renewal
    PO line stored as closed; can be reopened
    Canceling PO Lines Error during PO line processing Active PO lines that are not
    • being evaluated or
    • waiting for invoice payment
    PO line stored as canceled, can be reopened
    Deleting PO Lines Clean up system
    • Closed or canceled PO lines
    • Users with Extended roles
    PO line and all related material deleted from the system

    Closing PO Lines

    Closing a PO line is used to indicate that the purchase was completed. The following types of PO lines can be closed:
    • One-time PO lines that have been sent (with at least one received or activated resource) and are waiting for invoice payment (these are usually automatically paid, set to Fully Invoiced, and/or closed by the workflow.)
    • Continuous PO lines waiting for renewal (when a serial subscription must be stopped, for example).
    To close a PO line:
    Click the Close link beneath the PO line information and click Confirm in the confirmation dialog box.
    • When closing PO lines, inventory is not deleted. For PO lines associated with electronic resources, a task is added to the electronic activation task list with the following note: The order for this resource was closed. Please check whether deactivation is required.
    • When closing PO lines, encumbrances are released.
    • Notes and attachments can be added to a PO line even when it is closed.
    • To close a PO line with some received and some unreceived items, remove the unreceived items, change the number of items in the PO line, and then re-receive the received items.

    Canceling PO Lines

    Cancelling a PO line invalidates the PO line. In certain situations, you may want to cancel a PO line.
    You can cancel any active PO line, except ones being evaluated or waiting for invoice payment. Canceled PO lines can be deleted.
    When a PO line is canceled:
    • It is not removed from Alma. You can still find a canceled PO line on the Search for PO Lines page, using the Find box at the top of the list or the facets on the left side of the page. You can edit or delete notes and attachments in canceled PO lines by clicking the relevant link beneath the PO line (see Editing PO Line Information).
    • If the PO line is a main PO line, Alma attempts to delete the PO line’s inventory. Alma does not delete the inventory if the PO line is an additional PO line or if the inventory has been received or activated. If the inventory cannot be deleted, a confirmation message indicates that if the PO line is canceled, the link between the PO line and its inventory will be lost.
    • If the PO line has an e-task associated with it, the e-task is deleted.
    • The PO line’s encumbrances are released.
    If a PO line is canceled, the Requests - Recalculate After Inventory Update job detaches the request from the associated inventory and potentially cancels the request (if no other items can be used for fulfilling the request). For details, see the job Requests – Recalculate after Inventory Update in Viewing Scheduled Jobs.
    To cancel a PO line:
    1. Click Cancel beneath the PO line information. If you have configured a PO line cancellation restriction note, it appears. After you confirm, or if you do not have a note configured, the Cancellation Information dialog box appears.
      Cancellation Information Dialog Box
    2. From the Cancellation reason drop-down list, select the reason for the cancellation. To configure these reasons, see Configuring PO Line Cancellation Reasons.
    3. In the Cancellation note area, enter a note for the vendor, as needed.
      The note details appear in the Notes tab on the PO Line Summary page.
    4. Click the Send cancellation to vendor check box to send a cancellation notification to the vendor, as required.
      Cancellation is sent by email unless the vendor is configured for EDI cancellations, in which case cancellation is sent using EDI. If sent by email, the preferred address defined for the vendor is used. For information about EDI, see Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
    5. Click Confirm. The PO line is canceled. If the Send cancellation to vendor check box was selected, the cancellation instruction is sent to the vendor.
      A cancellation instruction is sent to the vendor only if the order was previously sent to the vendor. If the order is still in review, no order was sent to the vendor, and it is therefore not necessary to select the Send cancellation to vendor check box.

    Deleting PO Lines

    You can delete a PO line only if you have the Purchasing Operator Extended role.
    Deleting a PO line removes it from Alma and deletes any transactions associated with the PO line. Deleting a main PO line also deletes inventory resources associated with the PO line; deleting an additional PO line does not delete the inventory.
    The Delete option is available for PO lines with the following statuses:
    • In Review
    • Packaging (Automatic or Manual)
    • Deferred, Canceled, or Closed
    A PO line cannot be deleted if:
    • It is linked to an invoice line.
    • It is attached to a PO and has been sent to a vendor (if the PO has not been sent, the PO line can be removed from the PO and then deleted).
    • It is a main PO line and one of the PO line resources was received or activated (even if the PO line is in review)
    Once a PO line is deleted, it cannot be retrieved or reopened. If there is a chance you will want to view or reuse a PO line, consider canceling it (see Canceling PO Lines above) or closing it (see Closing PO Lines above).
    To delete a PO line:
    Click Delete beneath the PO line information and click Confirm in the confirmation dialog box. The PO line is deleted.
    For additional information about deleting PO lines, see Deleting POs.

    Reassigning and Reactivating PO Lines

    The table below compares the actions of relinking, reassigning, and reopening PO lines.
    Relinking and Reactivating PO Lines
    Action Reason Available For Not Available For Result
    Relinking PO Lines Better bibliographic record exists PO lines with the status In Review, Deferred, Ready, or one-time Closed
    • Records from the Community Zone
    • Items with two different bibliographic records
    PO line is linked to the better record and its items/holdings are moved under that bibliographic record
    Changing Bibliographic Reference Better description for record exists Active PO lines Canceled PO lines The PO line assumes a better, more complete description
    Reopening a Closed or Canceled PO Line To open a PO line that was closed or canceled (often by mistake) Closed or canceled PO lines All other PO lines, including deleted PO lines Status changes to In Review

    Relinking PO Lines

    You can change the bibliographic record to which a PO line is linked. Possible reasons for doing this include:
    • An EOD arrives for a single volume within a multi-volume work which is more suitable to link to than the existing link.
    • An item arrives that matches an existing bibliographic record more suitably than a new one imported at the time of the order.
    The Relink option is available only for PO lines with the status In Review, Deferred, Ready (packed into a PO and ready to be sent), or Waiting for Manual Renewal, as well as for one-time closed PO lines. PO lines cannot be relinked if any of the following is true:
    • The PO line is related to the Central Knowledge Base. When this occurs, the Relink option does not appear.
    • The PO line contains items belonging to two different bibliographic records.
    A PO line for an electronic item can be relinked only if it has an MMS ID.
    To relink a PO line:
    1. Click the Relink action in the row of the PO line you want to relink.
      The Advanced Search page appears with initial information taken from the PO Line (for instance, Title or ISBN, if they exist).
    2. Click Add conditions to add conditions for the search conditions.
      Accept the default search parameters or modify them as required. Add additional conditions, if necessary. For details on using the advanced search page, see Performing an Advanced Search for a Repository Item.
      Click Clear conditions to clear all search conditions.
    3. Click Go. The Repository Search page is appears, displaying all records that match the search, both in your institution and in the Community Zone.
      Repository Search Page
    4. Select the bibliographic record to which you want to relink the PO line and click Select.
      A confirmation message appears, containing information about the new link you want to create, including the number of items to be moved to the alternative bibliographic record.,/div>
    5. Click Confirm to link the PO line to the indicated record.

    Changing a PO Line's Bibliographic Reference

    It is possible to change the bibliographic record reference of a PO line to a different bibliographic record without changing the inventory. Only the PO line description is changed.
    This functionality is useful, for example, if an order is made on a short (stub) bibliographic record. In this case, the PO line description is the description of the short bibliographic record. If the short bibliographic record gets updated with a full bibliographic record, the PO line will still have the now inaccurate old description of the title. In a case such as this, you can click Change Bib Reference to update the PO line description to the description of the new version of the record.
    This feature is relevant only for title-based PO lines. In addition, it cannot be performed on canceled or closed PO lines.
    For more information concerning changing the bib reference, see the Change Bib Reference of a PO Line video (4:38 mins).
    To change the bibliographic record to which a PO line is linked without moving the inventory:
    1. On the PO Lines in Review page, click Change Bib Reference for a PO line that is associated with a bibliographic record. For example:
    2. A confirmation message such as the following appears.
      Confirmation Message - Change Bib Reference
    3. Click Confirm to change the bibliographic reference. The following appears.
      Advanced Search
    4. Search for the bibliographic record to which you want to change the bibliographic reference. 
    5. Select the bibliographic record to which you want to change the bibliographic reference and click Select. The bibliographic reference is modified.
      New Bib Reference

    Reopening a Closed or Canceled PO Line

    To reopen closed or canceled PO lines, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Purchasing Operator
    • Purchasing Manager
    PO lines that have been closed or canceled can be reopened and reused.
    Closed PO lines have completed a full acquisitions workflow (order and payment) and, on completion, have been closed. Canceled PO lines have been started but not completed.
    Closed or canceled PO lines can be reopened from the individual PO line or by using an automated process.
    To reopen a closed or canceled PO line from the PO line:
    1. Open the PO line search (Acquisitions > Purchase Order Line > Search for PO Line).
    2. If you have the PO line number, enter it in the Find field and click Go. Otherwise, enter closed or canceled in the Find field to start with a list of closed or canceled PO lines.
      Filter by Closed or Canceled
      At the footer of every closed entry is a link to reopen the PO line.
      Search Returns for Closed or Canceled PO Lines
    3. Click Reopen for the PO line you want to open.
      If a closed or canceled PO line does not contain inventory, click Confirm in the confirmation message. When a canceled PO line is reopened, the original fund is removed; you must add a new fund to the PO line.
      The Search for PO Line page refreshes with a note that the PO line you reopened has been updated with a status of In review. The PO line no longer appears on the closed results page.
    4. To open the PO line, conduct a new search using the In Review status or the PO line number links.
      The PO line opens with a status of In Review.
      In Review
    5. To work with the PO line, follow the procedures you would for any PO line with the status of In Review. See Reviewing PO Lines.
    To reopen a closed or canceled PO lines in bulk:
    Run the Update PO Lines Workflow job. For more information, see Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets.
    For additional information about reopening a closed or canceled PO Line, see the Reopen a Closed/Canceled PO Line video (5:39 mins).
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