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    Creating Service Subscription PO Lines Without Inventory

    A service subscription (a purchase type) PO line (the first step in the Purchasing Workflow) does not create inventory.
    To create a service subscription PO line without inventory:
    1. On the Order Without Inventory page (Acquisitions > Purchase Order Lines > Order Without Inventory), configure the following:
      Order Without Inventory Page
      1. Enter a heading for the PO line in the Order heading field. For example, "US Civil War", or "New York Times Website Access".
      2. Enter an alternative heading for the PO line in the Alternative heading field.
      3. Enter a description for the PO line in the Description field.
      4. Configure the remaining fields, as described in steps 3 through step 5 in Manually Creating a PO Line.
    2. Click Create PO Line. The PO Line Summary page appears.
      PO Line Summary Page – No Inventory Item
    The PO Line Details page header displays details of the PO line, its PO line type, the library for which the item is being ordered, and the order and line numbers. You can edit the basic description information on the Description tab.
    The page is the same as for regular PO lines, but without the Ordered Items section. For details on the PO Line Details page tabs, see step 8 through step 18 in Manually Creating a PO Line
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