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    Real-Time Ordering

    Alma provides for real-time ordering by enabling vendors to integrate their ordering system with Alma's repository and ordering features. Real-time order data is sent automatically to Alma from the vendor's system using Alma's APIs.
    Real-time ordering speeds up the availability of resources, increases the efficiency of integrating records, reduces the drawbacks of manually overlaying or merging records, and enhances data enrichment in Alma.
    If you would like a vendor to enable this feature, or if you are a vendor who would like to enable this feature, contact
    The simple setup procedure includes the following steps:
    1. Create a metadata template, or ensure that a default metadata template is configured.
    2. Recommended: Create a New Order API Integration Profile, selecting your record matching and merge preferences.
    3. Provide the vendor any necessary Alma information for setup, including libraries, funds, and locations.
    For a list of participating vendors and more detailed information about real-time ordering (including workflows and instructions for integrating vendors with Alma), please see the following in the Ex Libris Developer’s Network:
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