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error message in manage_01: no word breaking routine was found for: 01 C

  • Product: Aleph
  • Product Version: Version 16-23


    In logfile of manage_01 the following messages are found: no word breaking routine was found for: 01 C $$a▒~N~K▒~P~T 


    In tab_word_breaking were only routines for Latin records (L in column 2):

  • 01 L del_subfield
    01 L abbreviation

  • But not for chinese tags. The error message indicates that there should be a routine for 01 C.


The column 2 in xxxxx/tab/tab_word_breaking should be changed from L to #, to include all types of record tags.


01 # del_subfield
01 # abbreviation


  • Relevant for Installation Type: All


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  • Article last edited: 05.04.2016
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