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    Error in p-acq-06-b log: "Could not find ratio of currency usd for date..."

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    I ran the fiscal year close on our test server and the following error is in the p-acq-06-b log file:

    Error: Could not find ratio of currency usd for date...

    The "Could not find ratio of currency ..." message is issued by the ./com/price_to_euro, price_to_local, and price_to_price programs. (In this case, it is the price_to_local program.)

    These messages are occurring because some of the z601 (budget transaction) records being processed by p_acq_06 have 'usd' (lowercase) as the z601_currency:

    SQL> select Z601_CURRENCY, count(*) from z601 group by Z601_CURRENCY;

    Z60 COUNT(*)
    --- ----------
    AUD 143
    CAD 57
    CHF 1
    DKK 3
    EUR 749
    GBP 646
    INR 3
    NZD 6
    USD 344990
    usd 208

    The z601_currency is supposed to be uppercase, but 208 z601 records have it in lowercase. These records with lowercase z601_currency may have been created by conversion(?)

    In the case where the program doesn't find a currency / currency ratio, it transfers the z601_active_sum to the z601_local_sum as is (without conversion). This is, of course, what you want to have happen when USD is the base currency. Thus, it may be that there is no real functional implication to this error....

    Nevertheless, we suggest that you run the following SQL to change them to uppercase:

    SQL> update z601 set Z601_CURRENCY = 'USD' where Z601_CURRENCY = 'usd';

    As a matter of policy, be sure to back up the z601 table (with p_file_03) before running this SQL.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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