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    Error in SP installation: Binary package sp.bin.SunOS-old.tar does not exist

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    I am trying to install v19 Service Pack 305. This is the first time that a Service Pack will be installed in this server. I am getting an error message "Binary package sp.bin.SunOS-old.tar does not exist. Exiting."

    Scenario is below.

    1- Connect to server.

    2- I am using util SP. The download seems to finish OK -- I do get the success message:
    Dear Customer,
    The ALEPH Service Pack download has been successfully completed.
    Service Pack 305.
    aleph113 ALEPH 19 copy 1
    you may continue with the SP installation steps

    3- However, when I do util SP/4 to install, I get the following error message:
    installation utility detected
    Service Pack 305.
    Binary installation file missing
    Binary package sp.bin.SunOS-old.tar does not exist. Exiting.

    4- This error message seems to relate to the following section of the sp_install script:
    # Check for SUN Solaris whether the COBOL is new or old

    cob -V >& $TMPDIR/cobol_check
    set cobol_check = `grep 'PTI=SP' $TMPDIR/cobol_check`
    if ("$cobol_check" != "" && -d /exlibris/product/cobol_4.0.0) the
    set cobol_ver = "new"
    set cobol_ver = "old"

    setenv sp_bin sp.bin.`uname`-${cobol_ver}.tar
    setenv sp_bin sp.bin.`uname`.tar

    if (! -f $sp_bin) then
    echo "Binary package $sp_bin does not exist. Exiting."

    5- S.I. 16384-15660: "In the the default v. 19.01 there was a bug in one of the "util sp" scripts, which is fixed in SP #156." He also says of Fix 000242: "This fix includes also various bug fixes in the "util sp" mechanism."

    Util sp" was fixed in SP #156.

    Any Aleph 19.01 customer who has SP zero or lower than #156 cannot use "util sp". SP must be manually installed by the Installations Team.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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