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    Documentation for HTMLprint.exe and HTMLprint.ini

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22


    Where is the documentation for HTMLprint.exe and HTMLprint.ini?


    Documentation for HTMLPrint and HTMLprint.ini can be found in the help.chm file which is located in the .\alephcom\bin\ directory on the PC. Other resources for information on HTMLPrint can be found in the ExLibris Documentation Center:
    Aleph 22 Release Notes - (DocumentationCenter/Ex Libris Documentation/Aleph/Technical Documentation/Version 22/Release Notes (New Features)/Aleph 22 Release Notes.pdf )
    Aleph Printing Setup, Customization, Tips, and Problems - (DocumentationCenter/Ex Libris Documentation/Conference and Seminars/Technical Seminar/Technical Seminar 2011/Aleph Track/Aleph Printing/Aleph Printing Setup Customization Tips Problems.pdf )

    Additional Information

    HTMLprint is activated by the NewPrintType=Y setting in alephcom.ini.

    The HTMLprint.exe (Bersoft) software licensed to ExLibris will populate the HTMLprint.ini file with the workstation's locally-defined printers when the user double-clicks on HTMLprint.exe. This updates the HTMLprint.ini file with the appropriate printers and assigns a printer ID number to each printer. The printers defined in the [Printers] section of the HTMLprint.ini file appear to be the only things changed by this action.

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    • Article last edited: 5/28/2014
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