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    Deleting/purging patron and cash records **MASTER RECORD**

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    What jobs can be used to purge expired patrons and their cash records?


    The cir-23 patron delete job lets you delete based on expiration date, borrower status, and ADM library (in a multi-ADM set-up), and to exclude patrons with outstanding fines (-- or you can delete patrons though they have fines, and the job will remove the patron ID from the cash record.) There is no standard job which lets you delete patrons who have items on loan.  See the article " Batch deleting patrons or items with loans " in this regard. 

    You, of course, have the ability to delete an individual patron with the GUI Circ client..
    You can also delete patrons using the file-20 patron loader (specifying "D" as the action)..

    The GUI online delete, the file-20 delete, and cir_23 all call the "delete_bor_total" program. This program deletes z303, z304, z305, and z308, and, in the case of the patron's z31 (cash) and z309 (circ-logger) records, changes status "O" and "T" to "W" (waived) and then "scrubs" the ID (changing it to "SCR"+ a scrambled form of the user ID). 

    The z31s and z309's are also included in the cir-32 Patron Link Removal ("Scrub patron IDs"). This job will remove the user ID from paid or waived cash records older than xxx days. It does not let you differentiate cash record types (such as Lost). Like the functions described above, it does not actually *delete* cash records, it just changes the user ID.

    The cir-77 ("Update Patron Records") Service works well for updating certain fields across multiple ADM libraries, but does not handle deletion of patron records quite as well (and does nothing with z31 cash records).  


    We suggest the following overall procedure:

    1. Back up the following tables prior running cir-23 or cir-77:  z31, z303, z304, z305, z308, z309, z111, and z353.

    2. As described in the article " No way to batch delete old, unpaid fines " ...
      a. submit p_cir_23 multiple times, with each specific, actual sublibrary as the P-SUB-LIBRARY -- or with P-SUB-LIBRARY "All" -- (in order to process the z31's which have an actual sublibrary as the z31_sub_library), and then 
      b. submit the job with P-SUB-LIBRARY "XXX50" in order to delete the z305's, z303's, and the z31's which have "xxx50" as the z31_sub_library. 

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