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    Delete Bibliographic Records Including Related ADM/HOL Records (manage-33)": running in ADM or HOL library

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local; Total Care


    Can "Delete Bibliographic Records Including Related ADM/HOL Records (manage-33)" be run in an ADM or HOL library?


    No, it cannot. It is found only in the bib library's GUI Services and is set up to --after doing specified checks-- delete bib records and any associated ADM or HOL records.

    If run in an ADM or HOL library, it will still delete bib records! Run it *only* in bib or authority libraries.

    If there are items connected to the ADM or HOL record which also need to be deleted, then the item-11 service can and should be used. It has an option to delete not only the item records, but in the case where the associated HOL record no longer has any items, the HOL record as well -- and in the case where the bib record then has no items, the bib record as well. This service is described in Article 000033320 -- see link to this article in Additional Information below.

    If no items are involved, then the HOL or ADM record could be deleted by running the manage-21 Global Change service and adding a "DEL $$aY" field to the record.

    Additional Information

    If bib records *are* unintentionally deleted by running manage-33 in the ADM or HOL library and they are available on the Test server or elsewhere, they can be restored as follows:  run print-03 (in Aleph sequential format) to output the missing records; use manage-18 to load them onto the target server. 

    This article originally suggested that manage-33 might be run in an xxx30 Course Reserves library.  Because of the fact that the items linked to the course library may also be linked to the bib library and the problems suggested in manage-33 / Total-bib-delete doesn't create z30h record , that suggestion has been removed.   See also article  Course Reading module clean-up or removal of library in this regard.

    Category: Cataloging

    • Article last edited: 11/20/2013
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