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    Cannot add documents to Course Reading

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We are not able to add documents in Course Reserves. We can create a course, but trying to add a doc results in a blank page. When we look at a course that already has docs attached they appear by the screen in incomplete and we can't add here either. The semester is about to begin and we are at the peak need to be able to add documents for courses.

    I created a new course ("ZZZ-Jerry-Test"), tried adding doc records to it, and, like you, found that I was unable.

    Since smt30 and nsu30 -- and presumably others -- work OK, it seems that the problem has to do with the $alephe_root/www_r_eng/*-sda30 files. (The www_r_eng files with the "-sda30" suffix.) Or, possibly, the sda30 $data_tab files.

    I suggest that you do the following:

    1. save the $alephe_root/www_r_eng/*-sda30 files

    2. copy the $alephe_root/www_r_eng/*-smt30 files as *-sda30 files

    3. modify the new *-sda30 files with minimal values necessary to work for sda30

    4. restart the www_server and test to see if the files work

    5. If so, then proceed with adding the complete values to the *-sda30 files
    If not, then compare the ./sda30/tab/ files to the ./smt30/tab/files. Make sure that the path_convert files are the same.

    [From site:]

    I went ahead and copied the *-smt30 files to *-sda30 files and made all the necessary changes. It looks like it fixed the problem and I think I know why. There used to be another sub-library attached to SDA50 (IMS) that had been removed but not from the sda30 files. I think that might have been messing the system up since it could no longer find that sub-library.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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