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    Analysis of OPAC response time

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23


    Checked the Oracle indexes for the Bib, ADM, and HOL libraries with the all_indexes SQL, as described in " How to tell if Oracle indexes for a particular library are present & VALID ".

    Check tab_base.lng for severe truncation, as described in the article " Logical base response very slow ".

    See if searches on common words with many hits take longer than other searches. If so, see article " Keyword searching on common words takes extremely long; multiple z97's "

    grep the OUT lines in the www_server_499n.log into a file grep.www.out (these include every time the OPAC user hits Enter):

    > grep OUT > grep.www.out


    Then do greps  of this grep.www.out file to analyze the numbers of transaction responses in specific time ranges.
    For example, of 10,176 transactions....
    8 20-29 seconds
    1 30-39 "
    2 40-49 "
    0 50-59 "
    1 60-69 " (at 13:56)
    1 70-79 (at 14:06)
    0 more than 80 seconds 


    See also articles:   

    Web OPAC and GUI Search keyword searches (Find), extremely slow / time out  

    Logical base response very slow 

    Keyword "Exact Title" searches time out and shut down the session




    • Article last edited: 18-Apr-2016
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