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    After installing Service Pack 22.1.05 (2304), Aleph is looking for files mail-xxx instead of the correct printing files

    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care




    After installation of Service Pack 22.1.05 (2304), an error “XML/XSL parse error” is received while trying to mail files.




    The cause of the problem was identified in the GUI package.

    The GUI files of  Service Pack 22.1.05 were corrected.


    A. If you did not install the Service Pack yet, download the corrected Service Pack 22.1.05 from one of the ftp servers.



    B. If you already installed the Service Pack and are using the GUI productively, please download the corrected GUI version from:


    user: outgoing

    password: 0sc6rexl

    cd gui_22.1.05


    Note: the listing on the ftp server is deactivated, so that you are not able to see the files and therefore cannot use a graphical ftp client.


    There are 3 files available


    gui500.exe                    GUI

    net500.exe                    Network installation      


    The last is an archive only containing the following files   


    • ./Acq/Bin/Acq.exe
    • ./Alephadm/Bin/Alephadm.exe
    • ./Alephcom/Bin/Printd.exe
    • ./Catalog/Bin/Catalog.exe
    • ./Circ/Bin/Circ.exe
    • ./Ill/Bin/Ill.exe
    • ./OffCirc/Bin/Offcirc.exe

    Additional Information

    Example of the error:

    If I try to email a file that uses overdue-summary-01.xsl, Aleph is looking for the file mail-overdue-summary-01.xsl instead.


    If it does not exist, I receive an “XML/XSL parse error”.

    The XmlXsl.err is: “Stylesheet file C:\al500_v22_usm\alephcom\files\USM50\PrintTemplates\eng\mail-overdue-summary-01.xsl does not exist” 



    • Article last edited: 05-Apr-2016
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