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    Able to Place Holds on Ineligible Items in Primo

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    I'm able to place holds on items that should be ineligible when using OPAC via Primo (OvP). This is happening with both the Primo staging server, which is pointing to our Aleph development server and the Primo production servers, which are pointing to our Aleph production server.

    The problem is that I can place a hold request on non-circulating items (status 97). This status is set up so that holds should not be allowed at anytime, and it is not requestable in either the Aleph OPAC or the Aleph Circ GUI.

    In other situations where an item is not eligible, e.g., a circulating item that is available on the shelf, the hold request is blocked. So it appears that some of the checks are being performed, but not others.

    I’ve been looking through tab_hold_request. Are OPAC via Primo holds checked according to this file? Which section(s) apply to these requests? Is there any other file that needs to be configured for this?

    We see this in the www_server log:

    2010-09-24 09:59:50 00 [000] [vrb] IN 20100924 095950
    ip address: 964
    request: "/P?op=put-rec-hold&id=ABC01002534420&patid=00921512&groupid=ABC50002534425000010&institution=&view=&con_lng=eng&rest_uri="

    The "primo" in the middle identifies the transaction as coming from Primo. The "DLF SERVICE" is "PUT-REC-HOLD".

    Looking at the ./dlf_service/put_hold_request.cbl program, we see that it is calling check_hold_request like this:
    CALL "check_hold_request" USING
    "HL-GRP "

    That is, the OvP DLF service is consulting that the "HL-GRP" lines in tab_hold_request (rather than "POST", or "CIRC").

    Please add the "POST" and "CIRC" checks which you want to be performed by Primo under the "HL-GRP" label. And the "PRE" checks under "HL-GRP-PRE" label.

    Note from Jerry: I have requested that the tab_hold_request header entry for HL-GRP be corrected to include its relevance to Primo.

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