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    Deleted doc records lack DEL field & are erroneously included in export/publish

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    When we delete a record from Course Reserves with the v18 staff reserve module, the fields are correctly removed but no DEL field is added.

    This is what the abc30 2553 record looks like in util f/4:

    Reading doc : 000002553
    FMT L BK
    LDR L -----nam----------a-----
    CAT L $$ajsmith$$b00$$c20090112$$lABC30$$h1530
    CAT L $$abjones$$b00$$c20090721$$lABC30$$h0840

    This causes a problem in the p_print_03, p_publish_04, ue_21, etc., programs which fail to recognize such a record as a deleted and include it in the file of exported records.

    In version 19 the Course Reserves staff function is moved to the GUI and this problem does not exist. As a temporary measure until the site goes to v19/v20, we did this:

    * Created an ./xxx30/tab/import/add_del_field fix routine like this:


    * Specified that the above routine be executed by adding this line to the xxx30 tab_fix:

    DEL fix_doc_do_file_08 add_del_field

    * Ran p_manage_37 specifying "DEL" as the Fix routine to be executed.

    I suggest that you do the following to solve the problem of the already-deleted xxx30 records (which lack the DEL):

    1. Run p_ret_01 to locate xxx30 records which lack a CNO field

    2. Use the output from step 1 as input to p_ret_01 to locate, among these records, those which lack a DEL field.

    3. Run p_manage_37, specifying the fix routine as "DEL".

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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