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    Knowledge Center Questions and Answers

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    General Questions:

    Why has Ex Libris created the Knowledge Center?

    The primary purposes for creating the Knowledge Center are twofold, though many additional benefits will arise from the transition.

    First and foremost is accessibility. We at Ex Libris have gathered all of our content types and have collected them into a single, simple and convenient location; a “one stop shop”.  In the Knowledge Center you will be able to search for information from all Ex Libris sources, from knowledge articles and documentation to training sessions. We also added quick links in the link bar (on the top right of the page) for access to other Ex Libris sites such as the Developer Network and the System Status Page.

    Second, Ex Libris has strategically decided to remove the need to log into any system in order to receive this knowledge. No login is necessary for any search or training, unless you need to submit a Case in the Support Portal (Salesforce).  


    Do I need my Customer Center login credentials to access the Knowledge Center?

    No! From now on all Knowledge Articles are freely available and no longer require you to log into the system.
    But do not delete those credentials if you have a Support Portal (Salesforce) user as well, as this site will continue to require login in order to submit Cases.


    What if I cannot find an answer to my question on the Knowledge Center?

    We recommend starting with a search on the Knowledge Center for any information you may need. The search will be performed on the entire site, including results from the knowledge articles database, documentation and training. Another option is to navigate to the desired location.

    If you still cannot find an answer to your question, please feel free to log into the Support Portal (Salesforce) and submit a Case. The link is available in the link bar which accompanies you throughout the site. From the Landing Page, there is also a “Submit a Case” button for your convenience.


    My institution has a subscription to the Learning Center. How will we continue taking courses?

    The contents of the Learning Center training sessions will now be available to all users on the Knowledge Center.
    For customers who wish to enroll in the Alma Certification course, the same channels as before will be followed.  Customers in implementation should contact their PM to receive additional details and register for a certification training course. Otherwise, please send us an email at


    If I need to open a Case should I go straight to the Support Portal (Salesforce)?

    We highly recommend that before opening a Case a preliminary search be performed in the Knowledge Center; here you can find information from all content types (knowledge articles, documentation and training) in one simple search. 

    If you still cannot find an answer to your question, feel free to log in to the Support Portal (Salesforce). A link is located in the link bar at the top right of each page, and also a “submit a Case” button is conveniently located on the Landing Page.


    Technical Questions:

    What do I do with bookmarked articles/links?

    All existing articles have been migrated into the new Knowledge Center site.  If you have bookmarked or saved any direct links, we recommend searching the Knowledge Center for the article using the full title name and re-saving the new link.

    As for links to other sites; these will soon become obsolete as the new Knowledge Center provides full access to all Ex Libris information in addition to conveniently located links to all additional external Ex Libris sites from the link bar at the top right of each page in the Knowledge Center.


    What happened to articles that were previously behind login?

    The vast majority of articles which were previously behind login will now be freely accessible in the Knowledge Center. All such articles were individually reviewed by an Ex Libris team and the Security Officer to ensure there are no breaches.

    If an article you are searching for is not available, please let us know by submitting a case. If the article was not published for security reasons, we will inform you of the information it contains using the appropriately secure channels.



    How do I give feedback on an article with errors or issues?

    We at Ex Libris appreciate constructive feedback; if you find an error in the content of an article or believe it is inaccurate we would be happy to hear from you.

    Within the Knowledge Center we have incorporated an integral feedback mechanism, to ease the process. All you need to do is go to the relevant article/page and click on the “feedback” tab on the bottom-right side of the screen.

    You will be prompted to leave your comments (up to 750 characters), and we also encourage you to provide an email address so we can contact you if any follow up questions arise.

    Please note that if the article did not answer your question, you are welcome to submit a Case so we can further assist.



    What do I do if I forgot my username or password or need to create a new Support Portal (Salesforce) user?

    From the Knowledge Center Landing Page, access the Support Portal (Salesforce) page. Here you will find the “Forgot Your Password” link to reset your password.

    Further, in order to create a new user simply click on the “Set up your own credentials here” link and follow the instructions.


    Which browsers are supported by the Knowledge Center? 


    Windows 7

    Windows 8.1 Windows 10+ OS X
    • IE 10*
    • IE 11*
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • IE 10*
    • IE 11*
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • IE Edge+
    • IE 11+
    • Chrome+
    • Firefox+
    • Safari
    • Chrome
    • Firefox

    * Compatibility mode for Internet Explorer is not supported and will trigger the Legacy Browser experience.
    + Beta support only.

    NOTE:  If no version is stated, the most recent stable version is supported.


    Why can I not view the site on Internet Explorer?

    If you are experiencing issues viewing the Knowledge Center using Internet Explorer and receive the following message or a similar one: “You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer or you are viewing in Compatibility Mode. To view this site correctly, please update your browser or turn off Compatibility Mode by clicking the following icon in your browser toolbar”, we recommend that you click on the Compatibility Mode Icon in the browser to view the site properly.


    What are the Knowledge Center best practices for search and navigation?

    The best practices for searching the Knowledge Center can be found in this article: Tips for Advanced Document Searching in the Customer Knowledge Center

    In addition, we have conveniently recorded a short 4-minute session which is also available on the Knowledge Center. The recording can be accessed here as well.


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