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    360 Search: Customize Database Display Name, Description, and URL

    • Product: 360 Search

    How do I customize a database display name, description, and URL for my library's 360 Search search page?

    Changing the resource URL that displays on the 360 Search page, changing the display name of a resource, or adding a description to a resource is done from the Database Descriptions page in the Client Center.
    1. Select the appropriate database name, from either an e-Catalog search-results page or the Data Management page:

      Data Management

    2. On the Database Details screen, click Edit in the upper-right side.

    3. Enter your changes into the fields as desired:

      Database Details - URL, Name, Description

      Custom URL: While Serials Solutions keeps the default URLs on file for the majority of databases, if you have a custom URL for a database, enter it here. (For example, your database provider may have given you a custom URL with your library's username and password.) The Custom URL will override the default URL, enabling your patrons more direct access to your library's subscribed database.
      Adding a Custom URL will not affect how the 360 Search Connector searches the database, only where patrons are taken when they click the name of the database from the initial 360 Search search page.

      Custom Database Name: If your library uses a name for the database on this page that is different from the Default Database Name in our 360 KB, you may enter it in this field. You may wish to use this if your users are familiar with your databases using the names on your library website.
    Changes you make in the Custom URL and Custom Database Name fields will also change what patrons see (and link to) in your library's E-Journal Portal.

    Database Description: You may enter a description for the database so that users will get an idea of what to expect from it or what type of research may best be served by using it. You may use HTML in this field to include images or links in your descriptions. This field has a limit of 1000 characters.

    Long Database Description: This field is reserved for use with the XML API and does not display in the standard 360 Search interface. Alternatively, you could use this for any additional internal notes for library staff members. This field has a limit of 1000 characters.

    Descriptions of the rest of the Database Details fields can be found here.
    1. Click Save to save your changes.
    The changes will appear on your patron's 360 Search Search by database page the next day; to see how your changes will work without having to wait, click Preview in the upper-right corner of the 360 Search Adminstration Console:
    For more information, read the 360 Search User Guide.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 21-Feb-2014
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