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    360 Search: Database Can't Be Searched on 360 Search Page

    • Product: 360 Search

    Why does a database not have a check box next to it on our 360 Search page?

    There are three reasons that a database may appear on your 360 Search page as a working link without the check box next to it, preventing your patrons from including the resource in a federated-search query, as shown below with the Academic Journals entry:
    360 Search - Basic Search with Link-Only Database
    1. The database does not have an existing 360 Search connection:
    If there is no available 360 Search connection for the database, you will see the words "Link-Only" in the Database Details page in the Display In: 360 Search section, along with a Request This Connection button:
    360 Search - Database Details - Display In - Link Only
    If you do request a connection, the database will display only as a link until we develop the connection.
    2. The database's "Display In: 360 Search" setting is "Link-Only" or "Not Working":
    In the Database Details page, in the Display In 360 Search section, you have three options for databases with Search connections: Connection, Link-Only or Not Working:
    360 Search - Display-In Dropdown
    Both the Link-Only and Not Working options will disable the check box and display the database as just a link. Both of these statuses are unique to your institution's 360 Search page, and are not indicative of the Serials Solutions official connection status.
    (Read this document for examples of situations where you might intentionally set a database as link-only.)
    3. The Database is undergoing maintenance or repair and the check box has been temporarily disabled by Serials Solutions:
    If Serials Solutions has identified a database that is not working as intended, the database will temporarily be disabled for federated searches. Once the connection has been released, the option will automatically be re-enabled. For more details, see the recently released connections document.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 21-Feb-2014
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