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    360 Search: Administration Console -- Subject Categories

    • Product: 360 Search

    How do I use the Subject Categories page in the 360 Search Administration Console?

    NOTE: This page is part of a larger set of documentation about using the Administration Console to configure your 360 Search.

    The Subject Categories page in the Administration Console allows you to configure collections of databases arranged by subject. Using these tools you may add, edit and remove categories and subcategories, and assign databases to your defined subject categories and subcategories.
    If your library is a member of a Consortium, and the Consortium has already shared Subject Categories to your library, you will have limited ability to configure Subject Categories. (In fact, if the Consortium has "locked" 360 Search for your library, you will be unable to configure Subject Categories at all.) You may want to work with your Consortium to have them remove their sharing, or unlock 360 Search, so that you may configure Subject Categories.
    Subject Categories in 360 Search are different from those in your E-Journal Portal, which are not configurable.
    Here is the initial view of the Subject Categories page in the 360 Search Administration Console:
    360 Search Admin Console - Subject Categories
    Language selection: Notice the language selection dropdown menu at the top-left corner of the Subject Categories panel. To start, you must select the default language interface for your 360 Search, as you defined it on the Languages page. In this example, we are configuring subject categories for the English - US interface, because it is the default.
    For languages that aren't the default, you will not be able to add or delete subject categories and subcategories, nor add or remove databases from categories and subcategories. However, you will be able to have different subject category names and descriptions in the different available languages.
    Now you are ready to begin configuring subject categories. Click Edit in the upper right corner of the page. After you make changes, click Save, or click Cancel to discard your changes. Changes to the Subject Categories configuration of your 360 Search will not be visible to patrons until the next day; to see how your changes will look without having to wait, click Preview.

    When the page is in the edit mode, the buttons Add Category, Add Subcategory, Delete, and Delete All Categories are activated.
    Click on the following links to read instructions for the various configuration options:
    Add Subcategory (only to categories that do not and will not have assigned databases)
    Category Properties (including adding/assigning databases to a category)
    Subcategory Properties (including adding/assigning databases to a subcategory)

    Order: Once you have at least two subject categories, you may change the order they will be displayed in the subject category list on the Search by Subject page on your 360 Search interface. When the page is in the edit mode, there are two ways to change the subjects order: (1) Click on a Subject and drag it up or down to a new position; or (2) Click on the numeral in the Order column, which makes that field editable, then specify the category's new position in the list. Click Save to finish.
    Delete: If you wish to delete a category you've created, click on the category's name and press Delete. A confirmation message will appear asking if you wish to delete the selected category: Press Yes to delete, or press No to cancel the deletion.
    Your library may be using custom search boxesassociated with one or more of the existing subject categories in your 360 Search. Deleting these subject categories will cause your custom search boxes to break, so make sure that there are no custom search boxes that use these categories prior to making category deletions.
    Deleting a category does not remove its assigned databases from 360 Search, nor from your other 360 services.
    Delete All Categories: You can delete all categories if you wish. Simply click Delete All Categories. A confirmation message will appear asking if you wish to delete all categories: Press Yes to delete, or press No to cancel the deletion.
    You cannot "undo" if you delete all your categories; you'll have to add them again, one by one.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 21-Feb-2014
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