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    360 Search: Administration Console -- Search Page Options

    • Product: 360 Search

    How do I configure the Search Page in the 360 Search Administration Console?

    This page is part of a larger set of documentation about using the Administration Console to configure your 360 Search.

    The Search Page Options page in the Administration Console allows you to configure several key elements on the main search page of your 360 Search, which can have a profound effect on the search experience for your patrons. Please consider these choices carefully and select the settings which best serve your library's users.
    If your library is a member of a Consortium, and the Consortium has already shared Search Page Options to your library, this section will not be editable. You may want to work with your Consortium to have them remove their sharing so that you may edit this page.
    Here is the initial view of the Search Page Options configuration screen:
    360 Search Admin Console - Search Page Options
    When you are ready to configure your search page, click Edit in the upper-right corner of the configuration page. After you make changes, click Save, or click Cancel to discard your changes.
    Changes to the Search Page Options of your 360 Search will not be visible to patrons until the next day; to see how your changes will look without having to wait, click Preview.

    The following example shows a patron-facing 360 Search page with all the search page options set to the default:
    360 Search Page - Default
    Default Search Type: This setting allows you to present either the Basic or Advanced Search form as the first type your patrons see. The Basic form has a single search box (as shown above), while the Advanced form allows for Boolean search constructions, as shown here:
    360 Search - Advanced Search
    In many situations, our clients find the Basic Search form to be the most useful, while some institutions find that their patrons are comfortable with using Advanced Search form. Regardless, the other form is always available for the patron to choose; the Default Search Type setting just changes the one patrons see first.
    Default View: The default 360 Search view can be set to show your patrons either a list of Databases in alphabetical order (as shown in the example above), or the list of subject Categories you've created in the Subject Categories section of the 360 Search Administration Console, as shown here:
    360 Search by Subjects
    We strongly encourage you to consider whether your patrons will be comfortable starting their research by selecting from a list of database names -- and corresponding descriptions if you include them -- or if they are more likely to want to begin their searching by selecting subject categories to which you've assigned appropriate resources. (The patron can always choose the alternative by clicking on it; the Default View setting just changes the one patrons see first.)
    Default Field for Searching: 360 Search connections are configured to search the following fields in the target databases: Title, Author, Full Text, Keyword, Subject, Abstract, ISSN, ISBN, or Any. We have determined that "Title" is -- in most cases -- the most useful default field for beginning research in most databases, but you can change it to any of the other available options if you wish. (The other options are available in the drop-down list next to the search box, on the Advanced Search form)
    As you consider the options, please be aware that the selection you make for the default search field will affect both the Basic and Advanced Search forms, and that each field has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, "Title" searching is more likely to increase the precision of your patrons' searches, while "Keyword" is likely to increase the recall of available results. Some fields, like "Full Text" and "Abstract," may not be universally supported and are best left as options for your patrons to choose from the dropdown menu as they refine their searching strategies. For more details on Search Field usage and behavior, see Search Fields in 360 Search.
    The Basic Search form by default does not give your patrons the option of choosing which search field to search. Whatever you choose for the Default Field for Searching will be the only field patrons can search with the Basic Search form. Also, the form won't tell the patrons which field is being searched. However, if you do want patrons to have the field-selection option available for basic searching, please contact us using the Contact Us tab near the top of this page and we will activate a drop-down list as shown below.
    Search Fields (Order): This tool allows you to change the order of the fields in the dropdown menus presented in the Advanced Search form, as well as to eliminate any you decide not to show to your patrons:
    360 Search - Title Dropdown
    Use the Up and Down arrow buttons to adjust the order in which these fields appear in the menu, and uncheck any fields you decide not to use.

    Number of Search Fields: This simple setting allows you to set how many search term fields are available in the Advanced Search (Boolean) form. By default, 360 Search includes five fields, though you may choose to limit or expand that number.

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