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    360 Search: Administration Console -- Database Settings

    • Product: 360 Search

    How do I configure the database settings in the 360 Search Administration Console?

    This page is part of a larger set of documentation about using the Administration Console to configure your 360 Search.

    The Database Settings pages in the Administration Console allow you to configure the databases in your Serials Solutions profile for use in 360 Search. This includes selecting which databases to display in 360 Search, setting databases as federated searching connections or as "Link Only" resources, and setting the database display order in the 360 Search interface.
    If your library is a member of a Consortium, and the Consortium has already shared database settings to your library, you will have very limited ability to edit any database settings. You may want to work with your Consortium to have them remove their sharing so that you may fully edit database settings.
    Here is the initial view of the Database Settings page in the 360 Search Administration Console:
    360 Search Admin Console - Database Settings
    Click the plus symbol next to each provider's name to expand that set of interfaces and databases; or you can click Expand All to see all providers, interfaces, and databases. Below is a view of the Database Settings page with the Provider/Interface/Database trees expanded. Please note that each provider (ARTstor, EBSCOhost, Gale, etc.) has associated with it at least one interface (also called a "platform") on which a number of databases may be located:
    360 Search Admin Console -- Database Settings, Expanded
    The icon next to each name has a specific meaning (depending on the connection status):
    Provider Icon
    indicates a provider
    Interface Icon
    indicates an interface
    indicates a database that has a connection that is working (Status = Connection)
    Connection Not Working
    indicates a database that has a connection that is not working for some reason (Status = Not Working)
    Connection Link-Only
    indicates a database that has no federated-search connection but can be used as a link-only search (Status = Link Only)
    Generally speaking, you will need to configure authentication at the database level for federated searching in 360 Search. In most cases, you will not configure information at the interface level to insure proper connection functions. There are situations where editing at the interface level may work for you -- for instance, if you have a large number of resources on a given interface and the provider only requires a single authentication method rather than database-specific authentication -- but these cases are relatively rare. Such cases are listed on this page, in the section titled, "Authentication Settings."
    Click on the following links to read instructions for the various configuration options for interfaces and databases, including instructions for authenticating your databases for use in federated searching:
    You can use the main Database Settings page to change the order of the databases on your 360 Search patron interface. By default, 360 Search will display your databases in alphabetical order, but you may wish to change the order, bringing favorite databases or perhaps your library's OPAC connection higher in the database list. Instructions for how to change the database order are available in the Database Display Order documentation.
    Changes to these configuration settings will not be available to patrons until the next day; to see how your changes will work without having to wait, click Preview in the upper-right corner. This is especially useful to test your authentication configurations to make sure they work.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 21-Feb-2014
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