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    360 Search: Administration Console -- Custom Search Boxes

    • Product: 360 Search

    What is a Custom Search box and how do I make one?

    This page is part of a larger set of documentation about using the Administration Console to configure your 360 Search.

    Purpose of a Custom Search Box
    The Custom Search Boxes pages in the Administration Console allow you to create custom search boxes, or search widgets, that can be placed throughout your library's web site as points of access to 360 Search. Many clients use these custom search boxes to either supplement their hypertext links to the main 360 Search interface, or as replacements for them. The use of these search boxes is called "Distributed Federated Searching," meaning that you can take the ability to search your resources in a targeted fashion to the places on your web site where your patrons are most likely to look, rather than forcing them to come to a single interface to begin their research. A simple example of a custom search box you may want to place on your library's web page might look like this:
    Simple Custom Search Box
    This familiar, web-search-type search box can be a powerful tool to encourage your patrons to search your subscription resources, and is generally more inviting to use than a hypertext link to yet another search interface. We often describe the difference between a link to 360 Search and a custom search box as similar to the difference between a sign pointing "This way to Search" and simply an open door that says "Come on in. The searching is fine."
    Here is a slightly more complex custom search box, showing a search-type dropdown menu:
    Simple Custom Search Box with Dropdown
    Finally, you can create a search box with quite a bit of functionality if you wish. Here is an example that allows a searcher to select the search type, select a subject category, and limit results to a single year:
    Complex Custom Search Box
    A very common approach is to create custom search boxes that target your subject categories, and place them on the subject research pages you may have on your site. In these cases, it is assumed that you have already set up subject categories in 360 Search. If you have not, you can still create custom search boxes that target any set of the databases that are active in your 360 Search. You may want to consider whether a simple or more complex search box will be most appropriate for each location, and whether the resources you decide to target with each box are selected properly.

    Getting Started
    Here is the initial view of the Custom Search Boxes page in the 360 Search Administration Console:
    360 Search Admin Console - Custom Search Boxes
    Once you create a number of custom search boxes, you will see them listed underneath the Add Search Box and Delete buttons. Here is an image of the Custom Search Boxes page with three search boxes created:
    360 Search Admin Console - Custom Search Boxes - 3 added
    When you have created one or more custom search boxes, you can use them in several ways:
    • You will be able to preview each search box,
    • You will be able to edit the custom search boxes if changes become necessary,
    • You will be able to view and copy the generated HTML for each search box to use on your library's web site,
    • You may, of course, delete custom search boxes from the system that you no longer need.
    Click on the following links to read instructions for the various configuration options for custom search boxes, including creating and editing them, and then viewing the generated HTML code to place these boxes on your library's web site (Note that the HTML View function is view-only; you cannot edit the HTML directly in the HTML View mode):

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