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    360 Link: Sidebar Helper Frame Cannot Display with Some Providers

    • Product: 360 Link

    My library has the Sidebar Helper frame turned on yet we are noticing that sometimes the sidebar does not display, or the sidebar displays but the full text item does not. How do we fix this?

    While most providers and platforms work fine with the Sidebar Helper frame available in 360 Link with Index-Enhanced Direct Linking, there is some provider content that is not fully compatible with the sidebar frame. Incompatibility tends to result in one of three scenarios:
    • The provider's full text content does not load on the 360 Link page with the Sidebar Helper frame.
    • The provider's full text content does load with the Sidebar Helper frame but the helper frame disappears quickly.
    • The provider's full text content does load with the Sidebar Helper frame but not all database functionality is available (such as some of the links on the database page may not work).

    If your library finds that a specific database generates an undesirable user experience with the 360 Link Sidebar Helper frame, you have the option of customizing 360 Link so that anytime 360 Link attempts to link to content in that particular resource, users will be given an optional link on the left side of the screen (see example below) that will open the full text content in a new window rather than in the Sidebar Helper frame.
    link that opens resource in new window
    This customization is done using the Sidebar Exclude Options for Problem Resources page in the Link 2.0 tab of the administration console.

    To customize the wording of the link that users will click on to open the full text content in a new window, use the Custom Text page in the 360 Link Administration Console. The default wording for the link is Click this link to open the selected resource in a new window. This link text can be changed to say anything that your library chooses.

    Note that another option is to turn on the Open content in new tab link on the bottom of the Sidebar Helper Frame. For further details see the Advanced Settings section of Administration Console -- Sidebar Branding Options.
    Open Content in New Tab link on sidebar

    • Date Created: 22-Jul-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 15-Sep-2016
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