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    Client Center: Where to Add IP Addresses to Authenticate Serials Solutions Services

    • Product: 360 Core Client Center

    There are two locations to enter my library's IP addresses in the Client Center. Which location is correct?

    There are two locations in the Client Center for entering IP addresses and ranges of IP addresses. The following is a quick guide to what location each Serials Solutions service uses for IP authentication
    If you cannot see the locations described here and wish to check, add, or remove an IP address or range, use the Support Portal option above and we will assist you in making the desired change.

    Client Center > Library Settings > Library/Institutional IPs

    The Client Center provides a space for client libraries to enter IP addresses and/or IP ranges, which enables authentication into our discovery services as needed. All ProQuest clients are encouraged to enter their IP addresses and ranges in this location:
    1. Go to the Client Center > Library Settings > Library/Institutional IPs page.
    2. Click Add, enter each IP or range, and click Save.

      NOTE: When adding a single IP address instead of a range, leave the second field (IP Address Range End) empty.
    IP addresses and ranges entered in this location enable access to the following services:
    360 Link
    360 Link only uses IP Authentication when you are working with Google Scholar.

    User Authentication Administration Console > User Authentication Settings

    See this document for instructions on configuring your library's IP addresses and ranges to the following services:
    360 Search: 360 Search requires user authentication. IP authentication is the most common method.

    E-Journal Portal: The E-Journal Portal does not require IP authentication under normal circumstances. You may, however restrict access to your library's E-Journal Portal using this User Authentication Settings method, and then checking off the Enable User Authentication checkbox in the E-Journal Portal Administrative Console as described here.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 20-Feb-2014
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